Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University. Formerly known as nagpur university. Accredited with grade A by NACC

Contact Us

 Vice-chancellor  Dr. Subhash R. Chaudhari
 No. :- 0712-2956309
 Email :- [email protected]
 Pro. Vice-chancellor  Dr. Sanjay Santosh Dudhe
 No. :- 0712-2561347
 Fax :- 0712-2053803,  0712-2563565
 Email :- [email protected]
 Registrar  Dr. Anil Hirekhan
 No. :- 0712-2956303 / 0712-2956304
 Email :- [email protected]

 University Postal Address


 Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University
 Jamnalal Bajaj Administrative Building,
 Mahatma Jotiba Phule Educational Premises,
 Campus Square to Ambazari T-Point Road, Nagpur - 440033
 University Website  www.nagpuruniversity.ac.in
 Director of Board of Examinations and Evaluation  Dr. Prafulla Madhukarrao Sable
 No. :- 7276082225
 Email :- [email protected]
 Finance and Accounts Officer  Dr. Raju Hiwase
 No. :- 0712-2040436
 Email :- [email protected]
 Director of Innovation, Incubation and Linkages  Dr. Rajesh Singh
 Director of Students' Development  Dr. Abhay Ishwarprasad Mudgal
 No. :- 9767624135
 Email :- [email protected] / [email protected]
 (For various matters regarding students development and welfare)
 Director of Sports and Physical Education  Dr. Sharad Bansilal Suryawanshi
 No. :- 9850303154
 Email :- [email protected]
 (For queries regarding Sports)
 Director of National Service Scheme  Dr. Sopandeo Pise
 No. :- 9970361418
 (For queries regarding N.S.S. Camps etc.)
 Director of Lifelong Learning and Extension  Shri Pramod V. Watkar (In-charge)
 No. :- 9604186236
 Email :- [email protected]
 (For queries regarding courses under Jeevan Shikshan Abhiyan)
 Director Knowledge Resource Center  Dr. K. B. Kale (Additional Charge)
 No. :- 0712-2424903
 Email :- [email protected]
 Deputy Registrar, G.A. Section  No. :- 0712-2956305 / 0712-2956409 / 0712-2956302
 Email :- [email protected]
 Deputy Registrar, Estt. Section  No. :- 0712-2956313 / 0712-2956312 / 0712-2956311
 Email :- [email protected]
 Deputy Registrar, University Development Section  Shri. Manish P. Zodpey
 No. :- 9511632341
 Email :- [email protected]
 (For queries regarding various Grants, Scholarship etc. of University P.G. Departments)
 Deputy Registrar, College Development Section  Dr. R. Z. Madne (Additional Charge)
 No. :- 9423636139
 Email :- [email protected]
 (For queries regarding affiliation and teachers approval etc. of colleges)
 Deputy Registrar, Academic Section  No. :- 0712-2560624
 Email :- [email protected]
 Deputy Registrar, B.C. Cell  Shri. Umesh Wuike
 No. :- 9405907077
 Email :- [email protected]
 (For queries regarding Roster and Scholarship)
 Deputy Registrar, Ph.D. Cell  Dr. M. S. Tadas (Additional Charge)
 No. :- 9423402750 / 7722036600
 (For queries relating to Ph.D.)
 Assistant Registrar, Revaluation Section & General Exams  Shri. B. A. Shukla (Additional Charge)
 No. :- 9860482021
 (For queries relating to Revaluation and General Exams.)
 Assistant Registrar, General Exams & Enquiry  Smt. S. D. Atram (Additional Charge)
 No. :- 7264060083 / 7741858995
 (For queries relating to various Certificates etc.)
 Superintendent, Professional Exams  Shri. Dhanusingh Pawar (Incharge)
 No. :- 7798135859
 (For queries relating to Professional Exams.)