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Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Chair

About us

The Sub-Committee on education set up by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Centenary Celebrations Committee recommended for setting up subject-wise “Dr.Ambedkar Chairs” in different Universities/Institutions in the year 1992. In pursuance of the recommendation, a decision was taken to set up the Dr. Ambedkar Chairs for undertaking, study and research programs on various aspects of the philosophy, thoughts, Ideology and Mission of Dr.Ambedkar by Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, Ministry Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

Nagpur is the centre place of Ambedkarite movement. Dr. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism and gave “Deeksha” of Buddhism to 5 lakh people on 14th October, 1956 in Nagpur. Dr. Ambedkar brought about a social revolution among the untouchables through this conversion. That historical place is now known as Deekshabhoomi. Knowing the importance of Nagpur, Dr. Ambedkar Foundation established Dr. Ambedkar Chair at Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University which is the only one of its kind in Maharashtra. The aim of the Chair is to pursue study, research, teaching, extension activities, etc. The chair is known as Dr. Ambedkar Chair in “History of Dalit Movement with Special Emphasis on Dr. Ambedkar Thought” in the Post Graduate Teaching Department and is functionally independent as a focal centre for laid down objectives.

Objective of the Chairs

1) The foundation of the Chair in “History of Dalit Movement with Special Emphasis on Dr. Ambedkar Thought” to Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj, Nagpur University to pay tribute and constructive homage to the memory of Dr. Ambedkar
2) The main objective of this scheme is to provide well-equipped centre of learning to intellectuals, academicians and students to undertake studies and research with an intention to understand assess and disseminate the ideology and philosophy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar particularly on subjects like Economics , Political Science, Religion, Philosophy, Constitutional Studies, Education, Social Work, Human Rights as well as other disciplines considered relevant for attainment of our National Goal of Social Justice.
3) In each of these disciplines the focus of research and teaching will be the study of deprived section of Indian Society.
4) In achieving this objective, the Chair shall also undertake research and higher studies concerning the socio-economic and cultural life of the marginalized groups and other weaker sections of the society.
5) The Chair would strive to develop appropriate methodologies to translate Dr. Ambedkar’s ideology and philosophy into practical propositions and policy instruments.


Dr. Ambedkar Chair :
Dr. Neeraj Ganesh Bodhi,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Pali and Prakrit,
(Additional Charge).

Papers presented, Chaired session and delivered keynote address in the National and International Seminars and Conferences:

1) Paper Presented - 31
a) National & State - 27
b) International - 04
2) Chaired the session - 12
3) Key notes address - 04
a) National - 03
b) International - 01
4) Delivered lecture in National Seminar & Conference - 09

Research Activities

Dr. Ambedkar Chair has prepared research project on “ History of Ambedkarite Movement” and research has been started by Dr.Pradeep Aglave. After completion this research it will be published in four volumes each volume will be 500 pages. Research work is continued through the Ph.D. scholars on different aspects of Dr. Ambedkar Thoughts.
Dr. Ambedkar Chair has completed work of book on “ Dr.Ambedkar on Nation and Nationalism” Articles and research Paper of resource persons who participated in national seminar, discussion and symposium organized by the chair are included in this book.
Director of Dr. Ambedkar Foundation,Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt.of India, New Delhi, Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University,and Development Deptt. of university have been given valuable guidance for the working of Dr.Ambedkar Chair. 


Current Activities (2013-14)

Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Chair has organized Dr.Ambedkar Memorial lecture Series,Symposium, National Seminar and conducted research during academic session 2013-2014,according to guidelines of Dr. Ambedkar Foundation,Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment ,New Delhi.

Special programme on the occasion Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Mahaparinirwan Din was organized on 6th December, 2013. Ambedkarite thinker Prof..Ashok Godghate delivered lecture on “ Dr.Ambedkar’s National Contribution” on this occasion. Dr. Pradeep Aglave presided over the function.

Dr.Ambedkar Chair organized special symposium on “ Padmshree Namdeo Dhasal’s contribution to Ambedkarite literature and Movement” on 9th February,2014 in the University Convocation hall. Renowned Ambedkarite littrateure Dr. Yeshwant Manohar presided over the symposium .Dr. Nitin Raut,Minister,Employment Guarantee Scheme & Water Conservation, renowned Social Worker and M.L.A. Mr. Jaideo Gaikawad,Dr.Shreepad Joshi,& Mr. Prakash Ramteke expressed their thought in the symposium. While delivering presidential address Dr.Manohar said,” Namdeo Dhasal gave very important contribution in Ambedkarite literature and movement through the establishment of Dalit Panther”.

National Seminar
Dr.Ambedkar Chair organized a two-days National Seminar on “Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar on National integration and present Indian scenario” at University Convocation hall on 15th and 16th February,2014. Dr.Sudhir Meshram, Vice-Chancellor,North Maharashtra University, inaugurated national seminar. Dr.Vilas Sapkal presided over the inaugural function.Dr.Vivek Kumar,Jawarharlal Nehru University,Delhi, was the keynote speaker.Dr.Pradeep Aglave gave introductory speech.
Dr. Vivek Kumar said in his keynote address that,” Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar is a maker of the nation in real sense. His contribution was very important to make nation as a whole. Now a day’s our nation is integrated due to only constitution, which is written by Dr.Ambedkar”.

The first session was held on 16th February 2014 on “ Dr.Ambedkar on Social Cultural Integration” Professor Avathi Ramaiah,Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai was chairperson of this session. Dr.G.V.Ratnakar, Professor,Maulana Azad National University,Hyderabad, Dr.G.V.Gavai, Professor, Deptt of Political Science,R.T.M.N.U. and Mr. Vijay Gaikawad, Mumbai were resource persons in this session .
“Dr.Ambedkar Political Philosophy’’ was the topic of second technical session, which was held under the chairmanship of Prof. Ashok Godghate, Dr. B.Krishanaiah,(Secunderabad,Andhra Pradesh) Dr.Vijay Khare ( Pune University) and Dr. Vikas Jambhulkar (R.T.M.N.U.) were the resource persons.
Dr.Pradeep Aglave, presided over the valedictory programme. Dr.Ashok Gomashe,Registrar,R.T.M.N.U. was the chief guest and Mr. Puran Meshram,Finance And Account Officer,R.T.M.N.U. and Dr.Anil Hirekhan,Deputy Registrar (Dev.Section) were the guests of the event. Two days seminar was largely attended by students, scholars, lectures and social thinker and aroused interest in the audience.

Dr.Ambedkar Memorial Lecture Series
Dr.Ambedkar Memorial lecture series was organized on 20th and 21st March, 2014 in University Convocation hall. Dr. Avinash Dolas,member-secretary,Dr. Ambedkar Material Source,Publication Committee, Maharashtra State Mumbai, delivered first lecture on “Historical Dharmasangar of Mahad” on 20th March, Dr. Vilas Sapkal,Vice-Chancellor presided over the function.
Prof. Devidas Ghodeshwar,Ambedkarite litterateur, delivered second lecture on “ Dr. Ambedkar’s Nationalism Through Indian Constituent Assembly Debates” on 21st March, 2014.Dr. Maheshkumar Yenki,Pro-Vice-Chancellor presided over the function.

Inter-Chairs Collabarative Programme
Inter-Chairs Collabarative Programme was organized jointly by Dr.Ambedkar Chair,R.T.M.N.U. and Dr.Ambedkar Chair,Dr.Ambedkar National Institute of Social Science (BANISS) Ambedkar Nagar (MHOW),Madhya Pradesh on 9th January in BANISS,Mhow,Madhya Pradesh. Dr. R.S.Kuril,Director General BANISS was chairperson of this programme.Dr.C.D.Naik,Dr.Pradeep Aglave,Dr.R.D.Maurya, Dr.D.K.Varma,and Manisha Satyan were the guests. Dr. R.S.Kuril,Dr.C.D.Naik, and Dr. Pradeep Aglave shared their views, as how Dr. Ambedkar’s chair’s will function as a centre of learning and research on Dr.Ambedkar’s work and Philosophy and the issues of Scheduled Castes,Scheduled tribes, minorities and other backward classes of the society. Near about 60 lectures, research scholars, social workers and students of Deptt. of Dr.Ambedkar thought were participated in this programmme.

Social Awareness Programme

Dr. Ambedkar Chair has organized special social awareness programme and discussion on ”Dr. Ambedkar’s educational thought” in Thakkargram library,Panchpaoli,Nagpur on 23rd March, 2014. This is a slum area, where Sudershan,Valmaki and Makhiyar community people’s lives. These people are more backward among Scheduled castes. Mr. Sunderlalji Takbhoure,social worker presided over the function. Dr. Pradeep Aglave explained the importance of education and how Dr.Ambedkar rose as a great person due to education. Mr. Umesh Pimpare Mr. Chandrapal Sontakke,Mr.Kishor Birha, Rajesh Hathibed, Baburao Waman,Dr. Ramesh Shambharkar were participated in this discussion.

Dr. Pradeep Aglave’s lecture & Participation in International and national Seminar
Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar had been to Columbia University,U.S.A. for his higher studies since 20th July,1993 ,The year 2013 was the centenary year of Dr.Ambedkar’s entry in the Columbia University.Hence, History Department of Barnard College,New York, Dr. Ambedkar International Mission and Indian Embassy,U.S.A. jointly organized special International Seminar in Columbia University, premises New York on 20th July,2013.Dr. Pradeep Aglave was invited as a guest and speaker at this seminar. He delivered lecture on “Impact of Columbia University on Dr.Ambedkar’s Thought and Mission”.