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About Us:

Name of the Department: Post Graduate Teaching Department of Biochemistry
Year of Establishment: 1946
Head of the Department: Prof. Virendra G. Meshram
Brief Introduction of the Department:
University Department of Biochemistry is one of the oldest departments in the University.
It was established in 1946 by Prof. M. C. Nath. It is situated in Laxminarayan Institute of Technology Campus and is surrounded by lush green ambience. Department is housed in 2231.11 sq. mt. area with an infrastructure for research in almost all aspects of Biochemistry. The sanctioned teaching strength is 09. Presently 05 faculties are appointed out which 01 is Professor, 01 is Associate Professor and 03 Assistant Professors (Ad-Hoc).

The M. Sc. Course in Biochemistry is of 02 years duration. The choice based credit system (CBCS) according to the Semester System has been implemented from 2015. The faculty of the Department has framed the syllabus. The Objectives of the Department are to achieve excellence in teaching through periodic class tests, seminars, group discussions, preparing the students to participate in various competitions, organizing seminars, workshops and conferences etc. Short term objectives include procuring SAP, FIST-Level II as soon as faculty strength reaches six. The long term plans envisaged for the department are to make exhaustive research facilities available as well as to achieve status of Centre of excellence in biochemical research.

Career prospects:

The Post Graduate students of Biochemistry have ample opportunities in various fields of Biochemistry.
The students can opt to go into basic scientific research as well as applied research. The Multi National Companies dealing in Pharmaceuticals, Research and Development, Agriculture, Microbial Technology, Enzyme Technology, Vaccinology, Immunology, Food Industries/Technology and Clinical Trial studies hire M. Sc. Biochemistry students with a good salary package.

Also Clinical Research, Hospital Administration, DMLT are some of the PG Diploma Courses which are available for the students who aspire to go into administrative and clinical research. The area of Academics is also available for students who qualify the NET examination for various posts in the affiliated Colleges and in the University.

The CSIR institutes offer JRF/SRF to those students who qualify the CSIR-UGC NET examination for JRF which would lead to their obtaining Ph. D in the field of Biochemistry. Also, students can enroll in the Department for Ph. D.

The Department offers Teaching on Contributory basis for exemplary students.

Students aspiring to do their Ph. D in Biochemistry and affiliated sciences after their M. Sc. in Biochemistry can opt for competitive examinations like GRE, TOEFL etc., to qualify for admissions in various prestigious Universities.

Highlights of the Department:

  1. A state –of-art animal house which breeds and supplies Wistar strains of rats for Research and Educational purpose. A Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory,
  2. There is a Counseling and a Placement Guidance Cell for the students of the Department,
  3. Students welfare activities are conducted routinely,
  4. Seminars are conducted regularly as per schedule,
    Annual Social Gathering and Sports Event are organized every year,
  5. A Tree Plantation Drive along with Shramdaan is taken up every year, Various Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Symoposia are organized for the students’ benefit at regular intervals.
  6. A regular ‘Meet the Scientist Program’ facilitates the eminent Scientist-Student Interaction,
  7. A Continuous Technical Skill Development Program is taken up every year for the technical upgradation of the student community. Linkages with industry/Research Institutes through visits are encouraged for the placement benefit to the students,
  8. Achievement of the students and the Ph. D awardees are displayed on the notice Board for wide visibility,
  9. Guest Lectures are organized for the benefit of the students from time to time on a regular basis,
  10. Prof. M. C. Nath Memorial Lecture Series has been initiated since last 07 years in which the eminent scientists are invited to deliver lectures and thereby enhance students’-scientists’ interaction,
  11. A Parent-Teacher Association is in place to provide an interaction between the two for the students’ benefit,
  12. An Alumni Association Meeting is conducted twice a year to get feedback about the Department and building the strategy for development of the Department.
  13. Students’ feedback about academic offering of the Department is taken every year.
  14. UGC Visiting Professor’s Lectures are organized every year.
  15. The Department is an active Chapter of Society of Biological Chemists’ India.
  16. A Brochure of the Department has also been designed for information purposes.
  17. An E-Newsletter is being circulated regularly since 2012 for the student community and alumni for updating purposes.

Achievements of the Department:

 Till date more than 150 students have been awarded Ph. D, 10 M. Phil have been awarded.  

In the last five years 05 patents, 45 research papers have been published in International Journals and 30 in National Journals, All the faculty members are referees/reviewers for National and International Journals, All the faculty members are Ph. D thesis examiners for various Universities, All the faculty members are appointed on various academic bodies of the University and other Universities, All faculty are life members of various academic and professional bodies.

Consultancy services offered:

Services provided about animal breeding, animal experimentation and animal sale. Services regarding cancer biology, diabetes, diagnostic testing, medicinal plant research and molecular biology are provided.

Expertise available in the Department:

Expertise with respect to animal and plant tissue culture, cancer biology, formulation of nutrient mixtures for specific disease models, development of disease models in rats, bioremediation and phytoremediation, mdr mechanisms, toxicological studies and bioactive phytochemicals characterization is available with the Department.


Courses conducted:
M. Sc. Biochemistry 
M. Phil Biochemistry 
Ph. D Biochemistry


Admissions (Intake, Rules, Admission lists, etc.):
The intake capacity for M. Sc. (Sem. I) Biochemistry is 30; for M. Phil Biochemistry it is 10+1; while 08 students can be admitted under each recognized supervisor for Ph. D Biochemistry. 

Admissions (Intake, Rules, Admission lists, etc.)
Courses offered Intake Capacity
1. M. Sc. 30
As per University Norms Eligibility: B. Sc. With Chemistry & Biochemistry
2. M. Phil 10+1
As per University Norms
3. Ph. D. As per University Norms


Departmental Faculty Profile:

Dr. V. G. Meshram
Prof. V. G. Meshram
Ph. D.

Email: [email protected]
Mobile No.: +918087891838
Dr. Archana Moon
Dr. Archana Moon

Email: [email protected]
          [email protected]
Mobile No.: +917798744244
Publications: Click here
Lab Profile


Research Projects completed:
Departmental Research Projects completed since 1958, 31 projects have been undertaken by the Department and successfully completed. These Projects have been funded by various agencies like UGC, DBT, DST and Matthias Rath (USA).
Interdepartmental Research Projects Completed: since 1986, 07 Research projects have been undertaken and successfully completed in collaboration with other Departments of the University, GMC etc.

Number of Completed Research Projects during 2017-18:

  1. 1. UGC-MRP entitled “Biochemical characterization of Bioactive Phytochemical’s” 
    Outlay: Rs. 13,70,800/- sanctioned to Dr. Archana N. Moon
    Final Project Report
  2. 2. University Research Scheme: Project sanctioned to Dr. Archana N. Moon (Rs. 3.0 lacs)
  3. 3. RUSA Project on “Development of new treatment for MDR UTI Bacterial Infections” for 35 Lacs under R & I Technology Transfer Component. This project was showcased as an exemplary project in the Digital Launch Of Technology Transfer by MHRD, New Delhi on 17th April, 2017.
    The TECHNOLOGY has been successfully transferred to the Industry Partner during August 2017.
    The patent filed at IPO, Mumbai, India for the same.
biochemistry 01
biochemistry 02
biochemistry 03
biochemistry 04
biochemistry 05
biochemistry 06
biochemistry 08

Projects Submitted by Faculty (during 2018-2019):

Projects Submitted by Faculty (during 2018-2019)


Year of Submission

Outlay Lacs)

Funding Agency

Dr. Archana Moon

2017, November

Through IDP, BMF Project


2017, November

Consultancy Project 20 lakhs (BMF)


2018, February

Consultancy Project 10 lakhs (Pancreatin)


2018, March

Consultancy Project 10 Lakhs (Beverage)


2018, March

Consultancy Project 2 Lakhs (Protein Supplement)


Collaborations with other institutions:

  1. a. Dr. Archana Moon has industry collaboration with Zim Labs, Nagpur and other industries.

Patents and Publications:

Patents and Publications


Application No.

Date of filing

Date of Grant

Patent No.

Patent term

Dr. G. B. Shinde





20 years

Dr. M.B. Patil




Dr. Archana Moon



Filed: (Status: Pubished in Patent Journal: Publication Date : 04/12/2015 Journal No. - 49/2015) Form 18 submitted in Feb 2016



Filed: (Status: Published in Patent Journal: Publication Date : 01/1/2016 Journal No. - 01/2016) Form 18 submitted in Feb 2016



Filed:(Status: Published in Patent Journal: Publication Date : 01/1/2016 Journal No. - 01/2016) Form 18 submitted in Feb 2016



Filed:Formulation of sustained release oral floating matrix tablet of chlorogenic acid. Published in patent journal; Applied for examination


Facilities available in the Department:
A) Working space available for the department:
a) Class Room                      : 2
b) Laboratory                        : 9
c) Other Space Available   : Library, Stores, Animal house, Computer and Bioinformatics laboratory, Instrument room.

B) Instrumentation available in the Department:

Instrumentation available in the Department

Sr. No.

Name of the Equipment

Cost and year of purchase





Rs. 8,26,000/- 2002

Depreciation fund



Micro plate Reader

Rs. 2,53,524/-  2006




Gel Documentation system

Rs. 4,86,000/- 2006




UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Rs. 3,52,446/- 2006

Xth plan




Rs. 4,08,060/-2006





Rs. 2,44,000/- 2006





Rs. 2,96,638/- 2008

XIth plan



Zeiss inverted microscope

Rs.2,53,953/- 2004

Matthias Rath



CO 2 Incubator

Rs. 2,30,860/- 2004

Matthias Rath Project



IEF with thermostatic regulator

Rs.400000/-  1999

DBT Project




Rs. 6,00,000/- 2010

XIth plan



Semi-automatic analyzer

Rs. 1,25,000/- 2012

UGC Project




Rs. 15,00,000/- 2017

RUSA Project



Bacterial Identification Reader

Rs. 5,00,000/- 2017

RUSA Project


C) Details of Computers & its accessories available in the Department: 
1 server, 8 think client, 20 computers, 2 laser printers, 6 desk jet printers, 03 lab tops..
Computer laboratory is operational from March 2007 and students are using regularly. The Department has got a broad band connection with Wi-Fi facility which the students and faculty use regularly for their academic and research purposes.


Few Distinguished Alumni of the Department:

a) Dr. SatishWate, Director, NEERI, Nagpur.
b) Dr. TapanChakraborty, Scientist Emeritus, NEERI, Nagpur.
c) Dr. H. F. Daginawala, Senior Research Consultant, Biochemistry Research Laboratory, CIIMS, Nagpur.
d) Dr. B. C. Harinath, Director, JBTRDC, Sewagram Wardha
e) Dr. SaraswatiSukumar, NIH, USA
f) Dr. Milind Gore, NIV, Pune
g) Dr. Pratima Jadhav, Principal, Govt. College, Mumbai.

These are some of the eminent Alumni of the Department. There are many more, who are occupying great positions in various national and international Universities, MNC’s and Research Institutions.


Events during 2017-2018

a.Co-Curricular Program under Continuing Technical Skill Development Program during january 2017
b.12th M. C. Nath Memorial Lecture Series
c.Alumni Association Meet.
d.Parent-Teacher Association Meet.
e.Annual Sports Meet and Annual Social Gathering
f.E-Newsletter of the Department: Biannual release
g.Educational Visit to: Ankur Seeds and Gng Company, Nagpur
h.Educational Visit to: Regional Forensic Laboratory, Nagpur
i.Educational Visit to: CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur
j.Educational Visit to: Vaunshdhara Fertility Clinic, Congress Nagar, Nagpur
h.7th Decadel Celebration Conference

Prof. M. C. Nath Memorial Lecture Series

Nath Memorial Lecture Series


Contact details :
Office: 0712-2522197
Email: [email protected]