Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University. Formerly known as nagpur university. Accredited with grade A by NACC

Department of Travel & Tourism

About us

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Name of the Department Travel and Tourism
Year of Establishment 1985
Hon. Directors Prof. Ajay Mitra Shastri              1985-1987
Dr. O. P. Verma                           1987-1989
Prof. Ajay Mitra Shastri              1989-1994
Prof. Chandrashekhar Gupta       1994-1998
Dr. Ismail Kellellu                       1998-2001
Prof. Chandrashekhar Gupta       2001-2004
Dr. Pradip S. Meshram                2004-2008
Dr. Ismail Kellellu                       2008-2011
Dr. Priyadarshi M. Khobragade  2011- till date
Name of the Head

Dr. Priyadarshi M. Khobragade, 


Brief introduction of the Department

The Postgraduate Diploma Course in Travel and Tourism which the Department of Travel and Tourism now runs, was started by the Department of Ancient Indian History, culture and Archaeology, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur, in 1985 with the specific objective of creating an awareness about the great cultural heritage of our country in general and Vidarbha in particular among the people, and to train groups of talented young graduates not only from the region but also from the rest of the nation so that they can start their career in this field. The intake capacity is 30, students selected on personal interview and on merit basis. The Head of the Department of the Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology used to be the honorary Director of the Course and used to run it on self-sufficiency basis till 1990-91 sessions. Thereafter, from 1991-92 onwards the Course was transferred to a newly created independent, Department of Travel and Tourism was a separate budgetary provision, but again the Faculty of the Dept. of A.I.H.C. & Archaeology being the Honorary Director of the Department. Since its inception in 1985, the Course is being run with the help of contributory Faculty.

The department now also runs M.A. Course in Travel and Tourism with an intake capacity of 20 and it runs on semester pattern as choice based credit system at the same department.

Two Years (Four Semester) M.A. and One year (Two Semester) Postgraduate Diploma Course have great potential to the innovative entrepreneurs to start their own business as Travel agents or as Tour operators. For those who want jobs also get ample opportunities in the fast growing tourism industry. Most of our former students have been absorbed by the Travel agencies and Tour Operators in and outside Nagpur. Most of the students from Andaman and Nicobar islands who could successfully complete this Diploma are now well placed in jobs related to Tourism in the Islands itself. In Nagpur alone, there are more than 18 students who have got jobs in some of the reputed Travel Agencies and Tour Operators such as Jagson Tours & Travels, Trade Wings, Cox & Kings, Kesari Tours and Travels, Travel House, Flying Cats, Pra-Kruti Tours and Travels, and Air Lines like Air Arabia and King Fisher, etc. Some other passed our students have been successfully running their own Travel Agencies. The Orange City Tours and Travels being run by our former student couple and The Horizons by another former student couple have been doing very profitable business in Nagpur. Some of our former students have also opted for teaching jobs either in some reputed institutions or started their own IATA coaching centers. Some other are engaged in creating awareness about our glorious past by conducting free-lance package tours for school and college students and others to various tourist destinations


a) One Year (Two Semester) Post-Graduate Diploma in Travel & Tourism
b) Two Year (Four Semester) M.A. Master in Travel & Tourism

Courses offered with intake capacity:

One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Travel and Tourism : 30
Two years M.A. in Travel and Tourism                                : 20

Eligibility for admission in P. G. Diploma and M.A. in Travel & Tourism
Any graduate of from stream of recognized University

Syllabus outline :  M.A. (Implemented from 2017-18 Session)

Semester – I
Core Paper – I 1-T-1 – Tourism Fundamentals
Core Paper – II 1-T-2 – Tourism Resources – India
Elective Paper – III 1-T-3 – Tourism Communication
OR 1-T-4 – Tourism Studies
Elective Paper – IV 1-T-5 – Fundamentals of Tourism Management
OR 1-T-6 – International Tourism
Seminar – I 1-S-1 – Research Paper and Presentation
Training – II 1-P-1 – WTD Event
Practical – II 1-P-2 – Research Planning& Report and Viva-voce

Semester – II
Core Paper – I 2-T-1 – Tourism Transport Services
Core Paper – II 2-T-2 – Tourism Resources – Asia & Pacific
Elective Paper – III 2-T-3 – Hospitality Services Management
OR 2-T-4 – Human Resources Development
Elective Paper – IV 2-T-5 – Tour Operations & Travel Agency Management
OR 2-T-6 – Sustainable & Eco-Tourism
Seminar – I 2-S-1 – Research Paper and Presentation
Training – II 2-P-1 – Travel Planning
Practical – II 2-P-2 – Study Tour& Report and Viva-voce

Semester – III
Core Paper – I 3-T-1 – Tourism Marketing
Core Paper – II 3-T-2 – Tourism Resources – Europe
Elective Paper – III 3-T-3 – Information Technology in Tourism
OR 3-T-4 – Tourism Finance & Accounts
Core Paper – IV For Students from Same Disciplines
3-T-5 – MICE & Event Management
Foundation Paper – IV For Students from Other Disciplines
3-T-6 – Foundation in Travel & Tourism – I
Seminar – I 3-S-1 – Research Paper and Presentation
Training – II 3-P-1 – WTD Event
Practical – III 3-P-2 – Research Planning & Report and Viva-voce

Semester – IV
Core Paper – I 4-T-1 – Research Methodology in Tourism
Core Paper – II 4-T-2 – Tourism Resources – America & Africa
Elective Paper – III 4-T-3 – Entrepreneurship Development in Tourism
OR 4-T-4 – Tourism Planning & Development
Core Paper – IV For Students from Same Disciplines
4-T-5 – Tourism Resources of Vidarbha
Foundation Paper – IV For Students from Other Disciplines
4-T-6 – Foundation in Travel & Tourism – II
Project – I 4-P-1 – Project Report & Viva-voce

Syllabus outline :  P.G. Diploma (Implemented from 2016-17 Session)

Semester I
Paper – I 1T1-PGDTT - Travel & Tourism Fundamentals
Paper – II 1T2- PGDTT - Tourism Resources & Communication
Paper – III 1T3- PGDTT - Tourism Transportation
Paper – IV 1T4-PGDTT - Hospitality & Accommodation Services
OR 1T5-PGDTT - Fundamentals of Tourism Management
Seminar I 1P1-PGDTT - Seminar Paper & Presentation
Practical I 1P2-PGDTT - Project Synopsis & Presentation
Project I 1P3-PGDTT - Project Report & Viva-voce

Semester II
Paper – I 2T1-PGDTT - Travel Ticketing & E-Tourism
Paper – II 2T2-PGDTT - Tour Operations & Travel Agency Business
Paper – III 2T3-PGDTT - Tour Guiding&Escorts Services
Paper – IV 2T4-PGDTT - MICE & Event Management
OR 2T5-PGDTT - Sustainable & Eco-Tourism
Seminar II 2P1-PGDTT - Seminar Paper & Presentation
Practical II 2P2-PGDTT - Tour Itinerary & Presentation
Project II 2P3-PGDTT - Study Tour Report & Viva-voce

Class Time  :- 8.00 a.m. to 02.00 p.m.


Name of the Faculty members with their highest qualifications :
Dr. Priyadarshi M. Khobragade, M.A.,Ph.D., (UGC-JRF),NET in Archaeology & History
Hon. Director Books 4, Article 29 and Seminar-Conference 35
Dr. Arvind Upasni, M.A. (A.I.H.C. & Archaeology), Ph.D., P.G.Dip.in Travel & Tourism, Masters in
Tourism Management,UGC- NET in Tourism, IATA
Contributory Lecturer
Ms. Vinisha Nichani, M.A.(Travel and Tourism),
Contributory Lecturer
Mrs. Manjusha Dongre, M.H.M.C.T., D.B.M., UGC-NET, Experience of Hotel Industry
Contributory Lecturer
Mrs.Neha Dube, Masters in Tourism Management, IATA, P.G.Dip. in Front office
Contributory Lecturer
Mr. Girish Shende, M.B.A.(Finance)
Contributory Lecturer
Mr. Neelesh Lanjewar, B. Tech in Hotel Management, M.T.A.,
Contributory Lecturer
Ms. Bhagyashri Hiradeve, M.T.A., UGC-NET
Contributory Lecturer


a) Furnished Class Room
b) Library with more than 1500 books
c) Lab of State maps and World maps
d) Computer Lab (10 Desktops and 2 Laptop with 4 UPS)
e) 24 hour Internet
f) Projecters, Digital Camaras and electronic podium


Achievements of the Department : MERIT LIST OF M.A.


Order of Merit

Roll No.

Name of the Students and Address

Marks, out of













Order of Merit

Roll No.

Name of the Students and Address

Marks, out of






Order of Merit

Roll No.

Name of the Students and Address

Marks, out of








Order of Merit

Roll No.

Name of the Students and Address

Marks, out of





Of the 500 and odd successful students, more than 400 students have found jobs in Travel and Tourism related organizations like–
     SOTC (Kuoni Travels)
     Cox & Kings
     Jagson Tours & Travels
     Nirmal Tours & Travels
     Kesari Tours & Travels
     Travel House
     Prakruti Tours & Travels
     Trade Wings,
     Flying Cats
     Air Lines – Air Arabia, King Fisher, etc.
     Club Seven
     Make My Trip (Travel Company)


Few Distinguished Alumni of the Department :
P.G. Diploma
1. Aditya Shekhar Gupta,2000-01,Propritar, Horizon Safari
2. Ajaykumar Meshram, 1999-200,Assistant Professor in Sheila Rahejha Institute of H.M.
3. Amila Ramteke,Air Hostes, Air India Express
4. Amit Nasri,Manager, Cox & Kings, Raipur
5. Arvind Upasani, Branch Head, Flying Cats Academy
6. Divya Das, 2000-01, Freelance Lecturer with Thomas Cook CoL and TMI Academy Delhi
7. Enakshi Surpam, Editor & Prof-reader, A.I.R., Nagpur
8. Kapil Ramteke, Director, Maitrideep Travels, Nagpur
9. Manish Chore, 2013-15 Thomas Cook Nagpur
10. Manoj Sonone,Press & Information Burrow, Central Govt, Nagpur
11. Mamta Solanki, Contributory Faculty of Travel & Tourism Deptt.
12. Minakshi Gajbhiye, 1995-96Faculty of Bhagwati Girls Jr. College, Nandanvan
13. Mrunalini Ramteke,Asst. Prof. in Govt. Hotel Mangment college, Nagpur
14. Neelesh Shinde,Manager, H.SBC,Mumbai
15. Nitesh Wankhade,Country Club, Nagpur
16. Padma Gupta,2000-01Horizon Holidays, Nagpur
17. Pravin Sonavne, Clerk at LAD College Nagpur
18. Pallavi Shimple, Tourist Officer, Chattisgarh Tourism Department
19. Ravindra Bhaware, Managing Director, Leela Excursions pvt. Ltd.
20. Ritesh Yogesh Bawangade, Rashi Holidays
21. Sandip Solanki, Director, Orange City Tours & Travels
22. Santosh Telang, 2000-01 Proprietor, Swami Holidays, Chandrapur
23. Shailesh Ambhorkar,2016 freelance travel Guide
24. Shailesh Bhoyar, Sales Executive, Kesri Travels, Nagpur
25. Shishir Shende, Executive-Trade Finance, S.B.I., Nagpur
26. Shrikant Dhumraket, Director, Kesri Travels, Chandrapur
27. Miss Charllote, Total Travels, Nagpur
28. Sumant Moitra, Zonal Manager, Thomas Cook, Kolkata
29. Sushil Dongre, Branch Manager, Cox & Kings, Nagpur
30. Triuptimani Rocque, 2000-01 Sales Manager, Nikhar Travels
31. Vinay Raut, Director, Tajashree Travels, Nagpur
32. Vijayendra Pande, Deputy Registrar, University of Hyderabad
33. Yuvraj Padole, GM of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Corporation, Bhopal

M. A.
1. Dr. Ashish Dubey, 2014-16 Lokmat Samachar
2. Anita Yadav, 2013-15 Amravati
3. Hema Jachak , 2013-15 Clerk in Dep. Of Fine Arts Nagpur
4. Manish Chore,2013-15 Thomas Cook Nagpur
5. Minakshi Gajbhiye, 2014-16 Faculty of Bhagwati Girls Travel & Tourism Jr. Colg. Nagpur
6. Mohini Gajbhiye, 2013-15 Contributory Faculty of Travel & Tourism Deptt.
7. Nupur Dey, 2015-17 Banglore
8. Padma Gupta,2013-15 Horizon Holidays, Nagpur
9. Dr. Vinod kumar Tiwari, MO in Public Health Department, Nagpur
10. Vinod Pachpor, 2013-15 Waghville Water Park, Nagpur
11. Viswas Patil, 2014-16 Asst. Prof. and Soft Skills Trainer at SB Jain College of Eng. &Management
12. Yuvraj Padole, 2013-15 GM of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Corporation, Bhopal


Current Events (Seminars / Workshops / Conference / Other Activities)

Celebrated :- World Tourism Day on 27 September and India Tourism Day on 25 January
Conducted :- Seminar on the topic related with WTO and Vidarbha region
Conducted :- Educational Long Study Tour and Short Study Tours
Conducted :- Heritage Walk and Nature trail
Conducted :- Star Hotel Visit and Guest Lectures
Conducted :- Workshop on Historical Tourism and Research Method


Objectives of the Department:

a) To create awareness among students about the glorious heritage of our country;
b) To introduce students to various job opportunities in Tourism industry;
c) To train students for jobs related to fast growing Tourism industry.

Specialization(s), if any:

Indian Tourism and we teach about Indian History & Culture, World Tourist Destinations, Travel Business & Management, Tourism Marketing, Hotel Operations, Ticketing, Cargo Handling and More….

Career Prospects:

As Tourist Guide, Tourist Adviser, Travel Consultant, Hotel Manager, Tourist Officer in Govt. Tourism Departments, Airlines, Travel Agencies, Hotel Industry, Tour Operators, Cargo Industry & other

Extension Activities of the Department:

a) Long Study Tour
b) Short Study Tour
c) Nature Trail, Heritage Walk
d) Visit to local places of Tourist interest like Museum, Temples, Star Hotels, Airport etc.

Highlights of the Department :

a) Highly Qualified and Experienced Teaching Staff
b) Furnished Class Room
c) Computer Lab with Nine Desktop and two Laptop
d) Library with more than 1500 books and journals
e) Digital Class room with LCD & OHP Projectors
f) Digital Camera and Podium
Proposed to start from the next session –

  1. Certificate Course in Tourist Guides/Escorts& Photography
  2. Diploma Course in Circuit of Buddhist Tourism and Wild Life Tourism
  3. Travel Desk and d) Ph.D. research program

Expertise available in the Department:

a) Expertise in Wild Life Tourism, Historical Tourism, Religious Tourism and also in Indian
as well as foreign Tourism.
b) Divisional officer of State Tourism of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh have
given expertise suggestion to the deptt.
c) Alumni of Deptt. are also expertise.


Behind Bhasha Bhavan,
Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University,
Mahatma Jyotiba Phuley Educational Campus,
Amravati Road, Nagpur 440 033
Mob. (Director) 09623184742,
Mob. (Clerk) 07775943403.