Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University. Formerly known as nagpur university. Accredited with grade A by NACC

Department of Marathi

About us

The Department of Marathi was established in 1958. The Department is situated in the main Humanities building on an 610.59 Sq.m. built up area located in Mahatma Jyotiba Phuley Campus, Amaravati Road, Nagpur.  

Dr. Akshyakumar Kale in the present head of the Department. Dr. Shailendra Lende is assistant professor in the Department. The Department has cherished history of distinguished scholars heading the Department which included Prof. B.S. Pandit, Dr. A.N. Deshpande, Dr. V.B. Prabhudesai, Dr. D.B. Kulkarni, M.S. Wabgaonkar, Dr. Y.R. Manohar, Dr. M.P. Kulkarni. The Marathi Department, thus, has a cherished history of distinguished faculties who were scholars in their own right. Due to its strong academic tradition and research culture the Department has a respectable place and nature throughout Maharashtra.  

The Department through its research critiques and literary essays have generated methodological parameter and approaches and added to the existing knowledge in the subject of old and medieval literature, Modern Poetry, Contemporary Marathi Literature, New literary trends etc. Rare combination to academic and administrative excelience is a major strength of the Department. The faculty members are well-known in the over Maharashtra in the various areas of Marathi literature, social & cultural field. The Marathi Department has been conducting full time M.A. course since its inception. Ph.D. research is also conducted in the Department on part time basis. During the academic period starting from 1981-82 to 2000-2001, the Department also conducted full time M.Phil. Programms. The Department at present is offering full time M.A. and part time Ph.D. Programme.  


Courses – M. A. Marathi
Intake Capacity –
The intake capacity of the Department of the Department M.A. = 60 seats
The intake capacity of Ph. D. in Marathi Department Research Centre = 50 Seats

Courses Offered

The M. A. Programme is two years. It includes four semester. For both the years four papers are offered in each semester respectively out of which two papers are compulsory. The candidate have to choose at least two paper from the list of optional papers offered in both M. A. - I & M. A. – II. Each paper carries 100 Marks.

Semester Pattern
M. A. Part I - Semester One
Paper I (Optional) : A) Prachin – Madhyayugin Marathi Gadya
B) Marathi Vaicharik Nibandh - Bhag I
Paper II (Compulsory) : Arwachin Marathi Kavita (1885 to 1945)
Paper III (Optional) : A) Vishesh Vangmay Prakar : Natak ( Swatantrayapurv Kalkhanda)
B) Vishesh Vangmay Prakar : Kadambari ( Swatantrayapurva Kalkhanda)
C) Loksahitya : Bhag I
D) Nave Vangmay Pravah (Dalit – Ambedkarvadi ani Streevadi)
Paper IV (Compulsory) : Sahityashastra : Bhag I

M. A. Part I – Semester Two
Paper I (Optional) : A) Arwachin Marathi Gadya
B) Marathi Vaicharik Nibandh - Bhag 2
Paper II (Compulsory) : Mahayudhottar Marathi Kavita ( 1945 To 2000)
Paper III ( Optional ) : A) Vishesh Vangmay Prakar : Natak (Swatantrottar Kalkhanda)
B)Vishesh Vangmay Prakar : Kadambari (Swatantrottar Kalkhanda)
C) Loksahitya : Bhag 2
D) Nave Vangmay Pravah (Gramin va Adiwasi)
Paper IV (Compulsory) : Sahityashastra : Bhag 2

M. A. Part II - Semester Three
Paper I (Compulsory) : Prachin – Marathi Kavita Bhag I
Paper II (Optional) : A) Vishesh Granthakar : Sant Dnyaneshwar
B) Taulanik Sahityabhyas
Paper III (Compulsory) : Bhashavidnyan -Bhag I
Paper IV ( Optional) : Prachin va Madhyaugeen Marathi Vangmayetihas
(Prarambhapasun te 1818 Paryant)

M. A. Part II – Semester Four
Paper I (Compulsory) : Prachin – Madhyaugeen Marathi Kavita Bhag 2
Paper II (Optional) : A) Vishesh Granthakar - Bhalchandra Nemade
B) Bhashantarmeemansa
Paper III (Compulsory) : Bhashavidnyan - Bhag 2
Paper IV (Optional) : A) Arwachin Marathi Vangmayetihas (1800 te 2000)
B) Sahityasameeksha



Any university graduate of any subject faculty is eligible for taking admission in M. A. Part I in Marathi subject.
Candidate seeking admission in  M. A Part I must have B.A. Degree with atleast Marathi as one  of the Subject.
Candidates having Marathi Literatures option for B. A . Degree or Additional B.A in Marathi literature will be considered on priority.
Candidates  seeking registration for Ph.D. in the Department must have passed M.A. in Marathi With at least second  division and he should qualified the Ph. D. Eligibility Examination PET.


Departmental Faculty

1. Dr. Pramod Munghate
Professor & Head of Department

2. Dr. Shailendra Lende

Dr. Pramod Govindrao Munghate
Professor & Head of Department
M. A. Marathi, Ph. D.

Honours :
1. Travel Grant by Sahitya Academy, New Delhi-2000
2. Invited to represent Vidarbha Region at first Global Conference for Marathi literature, held in San Jose, Callifornia, USA in Feb. 2009 and presented paper on "Tribal Literature in Marathi"

Awards : 1. Maharashtra State Govt. Award for Best Best Writing 1994
(“Atharashe Sattawan: Satya Aani Kalpit”, Vijay Prakashan, Nagpur, 1994 )
2. Best Teacher Award, S. F. S. College, Nagpur 01/08/2009
3. Best Teacher Award RTM NAgpur University, Nagpur 04/08/2009
4. Award for Best writing by Daily Lokmat- 1990
5. Award for Best writing by Daily Lokmat- 1991

Prizes : 1. Late B. S. Pandit Essay Compt. Prize by RTM Nagpur University-1985
2. Yeshwantrao Chavan Pratishtan Mumbai, Prize for Essay- 1995
3. Prize for Street Play writing, By Continuing Adult Education Deppt. RTM Nagpur Uni.- 1995

Research Projects carried out :

1. JRF & SR Fellowship 1987-1991 (UGC) for fulltime Ph. D. at PGTD, Marathi, Nagpur Uni.
Topic : Sattawanchya Uthavacha Marathi Kadambarivaril parinam
2. Minor Research Project (UGC) Rs. 40,000/- 1999-2001
Topic : Khrstidharmatattwancha Marathi kavyajanivevaril parinam
3. Major Research Project (UGC) Rs. 6,85,100/- 2005-2007
Topic : Poorv Vidarbhatil zadipatti rangbhoomiche adhyayan
4. Major Research Project (UGC) Rs.Rs. 4,22,500/- 2009-2011
Topic : Poorv vidarbhatil khadi gammat tamasha ; chikitsa

Seminars/ Workshop/Conference organized:
1. Poetry of Suresh Bhat , State Level Seminar , 24 Jan. 003, S. F. S. College, Nagpur & Deptt. of Marathi RTM Nagpur Uni. Nagpur
2. Marathi Tribal Literature, State Level Seminar, (Funding Agency- UGC- Rs. 72,000/- ) 4 & 5 February 2006 S. F. S. College, Nagpur & Deptt. of Marathi RTM Nagpur Uni. Nagpur
3.. Literature of Rajan Gawas & Sadanand Deshmukh, State Level Seminar (Funding Agency- UGC- Rs. 45,000/- ) 11March 2008, , S. F. S. College, Nagpur & Deptt. of Marathi RTM Nagpur Uni. Nagpur
4. Workshop on Creative Writing, (Funded by YCM Open Univ. Nasik, Rs. 75,000/- ) 28 -31 March 2010, at Sevagram Distt. Wardha
5. Synchronization of Marathi Syllabi, National Level Conference, . 22 February 2011 ( Funding Agency- UGC- Rs. 85,000/-) S. F. S. College, Nagpur & Deptt. of Marathi RTM Nagpur Uni. Nagpur
6. Various Field of applied Marathi, State Level Seminar, 22 February 2014 (Funding Agency- UGC- Rs. 45,000/-) Hislop College, Nagpur & Deptt. of Marathi RTM Nagpur Uni. Nagpur

Research Guidance

No. of Research Articles and Papers published- 32
No. of the students guided successfully- 14
No. the students submitted the thesis for Ph.D. degree - 02
No. of the students working at present for Ph.D-.06

Published Books
1. “Atharashe Sattawan: Satya Aani Kalpit”, Vijay Prakashan, Nagpur-1994
2. “Lankechi Parwati” ( Collection of Articles) Tanuja Prakashan, Nagpur-1997
3. “Sambrhmachya Palikade” (Criticism) Tanuja Prakashan, Nagpur-2003
4. “Dr. Ambedkar and Br. Sawarkar” (Research Paper), Dr.Ambedkar Chair, R.T.M. Nagpur University-2003
5. “Adiwasi Kadambari aani Itar” (Criticism) Tanuja Prakashan, Nagpur-2005
6. “Srujan-Samvad” (Collection of Interviews) Tanuja Prakashan, Nagpur- 2006
7. “Adiwasi Marathi Sahitya” (Edited) Pratima Prakashan, Pune-2007
8- Atharashe Sattawanchi Satya Katha, Sahitya Prasar Kendra, Nagpur-2007
9. “Aat-Baher” ( Collection of Articles), Vijay Prakashan, Nagpur-2010

Memberships of professional bodies / subject societies

1. Ex- Member of Bhasaha Sallagar Samiti, Maharashtra Rajya, Mumbai ,
2. Life Member of Jagtik Marathi Parishad, Mumbai,
3. Ex-Executive Member of Vidarbha sahitya sangh, Nagpur
4. Secretary of Yeshwantrao Chavan Pratishthan, Nagpur, Devision.
5. Secretary of Dandkaranya Edu. & Cultural Dev.and Research Institute, Gadchiroli,
6. Ex-Editor, Yugwani, Vidarbha sahitya sangh, Nagpur.
7. Member of BOS Maharashtra State Hiegher secondary Board, Pune,
8. Ex-Expert Member on Research Recognition Committee of RTM Nagpur University , Dr. B. Ambedkar Marathwada Uni. and Gondwana University, Nagpur
9. Ex-Member of Faculty of Arts, Nagpur University

Dr. Shailendra Lende

Dr.Shailendra Lende is Working as a Professor. Dr. Shailendra Lende has been a meritorious student throughout his academic career and bagged gold medals for scoring highest marks in Marathi Literature in B. A. degree Course as Well as for being the first merit student of the Department of Ambedkar Thought. He was also a distinguished student of the M.Phil degree course. He was awarded M. Phil. Degree in 1995 for the topic ‘’Vasant Moon Yanchi ‘Vast’i – Chikistak Abhyas’’. He was awarded the Ph.D. degree in 2002 for the subject titled ‘‘Gopal Ganesh Agarkar : Vyaktiva Ani Vagmaya’’. His Special interests remains in Modern Marathi Literature, Marathi Thoughtful essays, Dalit – Ambedkarite Literature , Fundamental issues of Modern Marathi Literature, Inter – disciplinary studies, Comparative studies and Cultural studies.

Dr. Shailendra Dharmadas Lende (Short- Biodata)

Name :
Dr. Shailendra Dharmadas Lende
Designation :
Professor, P.G.T.D. of Marathi, R.T.M.Nagpur University
Date of Birth :
Seventh August Nighteen Seventy Two (07.08.1972)
Educational Qualification :
M.A ( Marathi), M.A.(Sociology), M.A.( Ambedkar thought),
M. Phil. (Marathi), Ph.D.(Marathi)
Merit & Awards :
Merit in B. A.; M. A. Examination and bagged 4 Gold medals and 6 Awards
Teaching Experience :
Total 20 Years Experience including 09 Years experience on U. G. Level and
11 Years experience on P. G. Level
Research :
Research for M. Phil. on topic ‘ Vasant Moon Yanchi Vasti – Ek Chikistak Abhyas’
and Research for Ph. D. on topic ‘Gopal Ganesh Agarkar : Vktitva Ani Wangmay’
Fellowship :
UGC -Junior Research Fellowship for Ph. D. Research;
U.G.C. – Research Award for Post Doctoral Research Work
Research - Guide :
Working as a Research-Guide for M. Phil. (Marathi) and Ph. D. ( Marathi)
Project :
Worked as a Member of R.T.M.Nagpur University Project on topic ‘Study of Farmers Suicide
in Vidarbha Region’
Books :
1. Marathi Sahityateel Vevekwad
2. Vaicharik Nibandhkar – Dr. Yashwant Manohar
3. Gopal Ganesh Agarkar Wangmaydarshan
3. Marathi Ambedkarvadi Kaviteche Vartman
4. Sahityacha Mulyavedh
6. Arvacheen Marathi Sahitya – Anvayarth
Edited Books :
1. Dr. Yashwant Manohar – Ek Pradnyashali Pratibha
2. Sameekshazot.
Journal Editor :
1. The Journal of Interdisciplinary Policy Research and Action (IPRA),
2. A Multilingual Journal – Critical Insight
Proceeding Editor :
1. Rethinking India (Perspective from Below) – International Seminar Proceeding
2. Violence, Inequality and Vulnerability - International Seminar Proceeding
Articles in Books :
Published 16 Research Articles in various Edited Books.
Research Papers in Journals :
Published 36 Research Papers in various Journals
Research Papers in Proceedings :
Published 05 Research Papers in Proceedings
Research-Paper Presentation :
Presented 57 Research-Papers in Seminars, Symposiam and Conferences
Participation in Educational Programmes :
Actively Participated in various 130 Educational Programmes
Participation on Television :
Participated as a Recourse – Person on Television Programmes
Speeches and Lectures as a Resource Person:
Delivered 80 Speeches in Educational-Social-Cultural-Literary Programmes
Commentator :
Worked as a Commentator in Technical Sessions in Five Seminars.
President -ship :
Worked as a President in One State-Level Seminar and
Worked Technical Session- Chairman in Eight Seminars.
Coordinator :
Worked as a Coordinator in Four Marathi Refresher Course in ASC-R.T.M. Nagpur Uni.
Seminar-Organizer & Coordinator :
Worked as a Seminar-Organizer & Convener in two International Seminars and two National Seminars.
Syllabus Writing in Universities :
Worked as a Co-Writer in University Syllabus for Post Graduate Course in Two Universities.
Board of Study Member :
Worked as a Member of Board of Study in Three Universities.
University Level Work :
Worked as a Member in various committees in R.T.M.Nagpur University and
Worked as M.Phil. and Ph.D.Thesis Expert, Expert for Thesis for Publication, Syllabus Creation, Syllabus Committee, PET Examination Expert, Students -Guidance in various Universities.
Awards :
Two awards for Book Writing and One award for Educational contribution.
Mobile No. :
07038731533, 08149312134
Email :
[email protected]



The Department has been conducting research work through its academic programmes. Almost 16  research scholars are enrolled with the enrolled with the respective faculties for their Ph.D.  dissertation. Till date more  than 115  student have been offered Ph.D. degrees in various areas of  research. Also considerable numbers of student have passed their M. Phil. Degree course. Apart  from that the approaches and methods of teaching also involves research orientation so that  the students are aware of the skills and techniques required to conduct research in literary studies.

Ongoing Ph. D. Research

Ongoing Ph. D. Research

Sr. No.

Name of Researcher Student

Name of Research-Guide

Title of Ph. D. Research


Jagdish Meshram

Dr. Shailendra Lende

Namdeo Dhasal Ani Yashwant Manohar Yanchya Kavitecha Taolnik Abhyas


Raviprash Chandrikapure

Dr. Shailendra Lende

Jagatikikan Ani Navadottari Ambedkarwadi Kavita – Chikistak Abhyas


Mamata Gedam

Dr. Shailendra Lende

Samakalin Marathi Grameen Kadambari – Chikistak Abhyas


D. A. Khobragade

Dr. Shailendra Lende

Dr. Yashwant Manohar Yanchi Jeevandrushti - Chikistak Abhyas


Ramesh Rathod

Dr. Shailendra Lende

Banjara Boliteel Lokkatha – Chikistak Abhyas


Mamata Meshram

Dr. Shailendra Lende

Urmila Pawar Yanchya Sahityacha Sarvangeen Abhyas


Bandu Chaodhari

Dr. Shailendra Lende

Vaidarbhiya Aadiwasi Kadambari – Chikistak Abhyas


Sushma Lokhande

Dr. Shailendra Lende

Sant Tukaram Ani Sant Kabir Yanchya Sahityateel Samajprabodhanacha Chikistak Abhyas


Varsha Umate

Dr. Pramod Munghate

Sadanand Deshmukh Yanche Sahitya Ani Vartaman Samasya


Rita Patak


Waman Ingale Yanchya Sahityacha Chikistak Abhyas


Shrikant Nakade


Swatantrottar Kalateel Zadipatti Rangabhumivaril Natak


Varsha Gangane


Strrvadi Chalavalichya Sandarbhat Vaidarbhiya Lekhikanchya Sahityachi Chikista


Narendra Tikale


Marathiche Vyavharik Upayajan - Vartaman Shtitichi Chikista Ani Upaiyojana

 Ongoing Research Project
Dr. Shailendra Lende is doing Research on topic entitled –  ‘Loknath Yashwant and Uday Prakash Yanchi Kavita : Tulnatmak Sanskrutik Adhyayan’ under  University Research Scheme.

Support Remedial Programmes

The Departments of Marathi has a   unique library of its which is open for the students the  Faculty members as well as active research persons. We conduct library orientation programmes  for students to unable them to access the library   for their reading and research activities. The Department also  conducts Refresher courses in Marathi under the UGC faculty improvement programme .Since 1995- 96 the Department has conducted considerable numbers of Refresher courses where in Dr. M. P. Kulkarni, Dr. A. A. Saodekar  Dr. A. M. Kale., Dr. Shailendra Lende, Dr. Pramod Munghate have Successfully Coordinated those programmes.

Research under UGC Fellowship

University Grant Commission has selected to Dr. Shailendra Dharmadas Lende for the UGC Research Award for the period of two year. Dr. Shailendra D. Lende is researching from Dt. 14.8.2009 as UGC Research Awardee on the subject ‘Phule – Agarkar – Ambedkaranchya Nibandhhawagmayateel Prabodhanvichar.’

Minor and Major Research Projects

Dr. Madan Kulkarni (Retired) has completed a major research project of UGC on the topic ‘Comparative study of Regional Novels in Hindi and Marathi’, Dr. Asha Saodekar (Retired) has completed a minor research project of Nagpur University on the topic ‘Kavi B.B. Borkar Yanchya Kavitachi Pruthagatmata’, Dr. Akshyakumar Kale has completed his research project on topic ‘Mardekarachi Kavita : Aklan, Aswad and Chikitsa’. Dr. Kale with utmost humility and generosity has completed this project without taking any finicially grants from the UGC & Nagpur University.

Support Remedial Programmes

The Departments of Marathi has a unique library of its own which is open for the students the faculty members as well as active research persons. We conduct library orientation programmes for students to unable them to access the library for their reading and research activities. The Department also conducts Refresher courses in Marathi under the UGC faculty improvement programme. Since 1995-96 the Department has conducted considerable numbers of Refresher courses where in Dr. M.P. Kulkarni, Dr. A.M. Kale, Dr. A.A. Saodekar, Dr. Shailendra Lende have successfully coordinated those programmes.


  • Number of Workshops / Seminars conducted on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Industry-Academia Innovative Practices during last five years

  • Number of Ph.D.s Awarded

  • Number of Ph.D.s Awarded per teacher during the last five years

  • Alumni

    Dr.D.B.Kulkarni, Retd.Professor,Dept.of Marathi , R.T.M Nagpur University ,
     Prof. Manik  Godghate ( Grace). Retd. Professor, Vasantrao Naik institute of Sociaal Science. Nagpur 
    Prof. Vasant Dhaji Dahake, Retired Professor, Elfinston College. Mumbai.
    Dr.Akshyakumar Kale, Professor & Head , Department of Marathi ,Nagpur University , Nagpur
     Dr. Suresh Bhruguwar, Reader, Banaras Hindu University, Banaras
    Dr. Shirish Gopal Deshpande, Professor, S.N.D.T. University, Mumbai
    Dr. Arun Welankar , Retd, reader & H.O.D Shri ,Binzani Mahavidyalaya Nagpur
     Dr. Dilip Dabir H.O.D of Marathi Mundle Dharampeth Mahavidyalaya Nagpur.
    Shri Krishna Khobragade , Programme Executive ,All India Radio, Nagpur.
     Dr. Rajan jaiswal, Assistant Professor and H.O.D.of Marathi , Wazurkar  College , Nagbhid
    Dr. Shrikant Tidke, Principal, Sant Gade Maharaj College , Murtijapur  Dr. Zulfi Sheikh Principal, R.M.Patel Mahavidyalaya Bhandara
     Smt.Mrinal Chichalkar, Lecturer and Poetess , V.M.V College ,Nagpur
    Dr. Pradeep Vitalkar, Vice Principal, Binzani Mahila Mahavidyalaya Nagpur  
    Dr. Vijay Deogirikar , Retd. Principal, Arts & Commerence College Bhiwapur
    Dr. Shailendra Lende , Assistant  Professor Department of Marathi , Nagpur University , Nagpur
    Dr.Manjo Tayade, Head , Department of Marathi , Sant Gadebaba Amaravati University Amaravati
    Dr. Pramod Munghate, H.O.D. of Marathi S.F.S. College Nagpur
    Shri. Sunil  Shinkhede , Programme Executive, ,All India Radio, Nasik
    Dr. Rajendra Naikwade, Assistant Professor. C. P.   Beror College Nagpur.


    Memorable Academic Events

    The Deparment of Marathi has organized  during its academic session various academic activities and programmes which includes seminars, workshops, debates, conferences, special suest lecture series etc, on the issues  of contemporary relevance and have opened space for fundamental debates. Following is the  list of some select seminars and activities which have become immenorable part of our academic identity
    Gopal Ganesh Agarkar Smrutishatabdhi Seminar,1995  Sant Dnyaneshwar sanjeevan samadhi saptashtabhdi Seminar. 4 February 1997
    V.S. Khandekar  Janmashatabdhi Seminar,13 December 1997
    Grace Ek Akatan Seminar,25 December 1997
    Acharya Atre Janmashtabdhi Seminar,12 Febuary 1998
    Prof. Mahesh Elkunchoaranche Natyavangmay  Seminar 26 – 27 September 1998
    G.H Madkholkar Janmashatabdhi Seminar 28 December 1998
    P. L. Deshpande Yanche sahitya Seminar, 7-8 March 1998
    Samkakeen Marathi Kavyapravah Seminar, 18 December 1999
    Marathi Grammen Dalit Sahitya Sameeksha Seminar,1-2 March 2001
     Mardhekarache Kavya Ani Karyashtra Seminar, 1 December 2003 
    Waman Nibalkaranchi Kavati Seminar, 11 December 2003
    Kusumavati Deshpande Yanche Sahitya Seminar 25 August 2004
     Leelacharitra  Hiraesa Patha Semiar, 19 February 2005
    Y. M Pathak Janmashatabdhi Seminar , 2 February 2005
    Keshavsutanchi Kavita Seminar , 2 February 2005
    Keshavsutanchi Kavita Seminar, 25 Oct, 2005
    Adiwasi  Marathi Sahitya Seminar, 4-5 February 2006
    Ghashiram Kotwal Ani Mardhekaranche  Sahitya Semiinar ,20 March 2006
    Natsamrat natyadarshan Ani  Mahacharcha, 8 November 2006
    G.V Karandikaranche Sahitya Seminar, 14 November 2006
    Ashtapailu Ambedkar Seminar, 21- 22 November 2006
    Chandanwadi Ani Rasayatra Seminar, 22 junuary 2008
     Manuawshtraya Va Samajshastreye Yanche Bharityaya Symposia , 4 February 2008
     V. B. Kolte Vyatti Ani Wangmya , Seminar ,14 -15 February 2008
     Rajan Gowar Ani Sadannand Deshmukh Yanche Sahitya ,Seminar, 11 March 2008
     Sahityashatrateel naya Disha Seminar, 15 March 2008 
    Gandhiwad Ani Marathi Sahitya, Seminar ,28 March 2008
     Streevad Ani Marathi Sahitya Seminar, 8-9 April 2008
     Sant Tukaram : Vyakti ,Wangmay Ani Kavya Seminar 12 October 2008 
    Bhalchandra Nemade Yanche Sahitya Seminar, 13 October 2008
     Takecche Dhav Granthcharcha Va  Mulalchat , 17 October 2008
     Acharya Padavi Sanshodhangchya  Mahadwavashi Workshop 19 October 2008
     Marathi Shudhalekhan – Prabodhan Workshop,5 February 2008
     B.S Mardhekar Yanche Sahitya 27 -28 February 2009
      Hindu Chya Nimittane Seminar,27 October 2010 
    Rashtriya  Pataliwaril Marathichya Abhyaskramache Susutrikarn Seminar 22 Feb 2011
     Kusumagrajanchi  Kavita,Seminar, 29,30 Sep 2011
     Ambedkarwade Marathi Sahitya, 14, 15, Oct 2011
     Gresa Yanche   Kavya Ani Lalitbandha, Seminar, 26 Oct 2012
    Astapailu Yashwantrao - Vyaktivadarshan, Natioanl Seminar, 23,24 March 2013
    Abhyaskram Abhimukhata, Seminar, 1,2 Feb. 2014
    Upyojit Marathichi Vyavasaik Kshektre, Natioanl Conference, 22 Feb. 2014
    Lekhan Prakashan Vyavahar,  Regional Workshop, 6 Jan. 2015
    Bhashavishyak Dhoran - 2014, Regional Seminar, 11 Feb. 2015
    Samakaleen Marathi Vastav, National Seminar, 27 Feb. 2015
    Marathi Gazal Ani Gazalsamrat Suresh Bhat, Statelevel Seminar, 14 March 2015
    Anuradha Patil Yanchi Kavita, Statelevel Seminar, 25 March 2015
    Sanvidhan Kavyasammelan, University Level Conference, 16 December 2015
    Yuva Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, University Level Conference, 12 January 2016
    Sanvidhan Jalasa, University Level Programme, 3 Feb 2016

    Current Events
    ‘Hindu’chya Nimittane, Seminar, 27 October 2010.