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Department of Economics

About us

Background of the Department

The Post Graduate Teaching Department of Economics, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University established in the year 1958. The Department has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of developing good academic culture and quality research work and through the representation of its faculty members in assignments at state as well as national level. The intake capacity for post graduate course is 160 students. M. Phil course was also run by the department.

Background of the Department

The sanctioned posts of the Department are Professor – 2, Associate Professor – 3 and Assistant – 6. Presently more than 30 students are registered for Ph. D in the Department. The Department is also a recognized Center for Regional Development Studies by the Government of Maharashtra.

Aims of the Department

  • The Department aims to have a holistic development of the students by following a teaching pedagogy that imparts education in tune with the contemporary demands of local, national and International environment.
  • The Department aspires for skill development of the students and making them employable in corporate and academic fields.
  • The Department strives for developing a strong research base on an individual and departmental level such that the research can be used for providing consultancy on a wide range of socio-economic areas.
  • The Department endeavors to be a guiding center to the teaching fraternity of Economics & assist all in the expansion of the subject knowledge through organizing workshops, Faculty development programs and other constructive initiatives.
  • Through the Regional Development centre, the department aims at organizing programs for studying the varied regional issues in Vidharbha and making suggestions in this regard.

Activities of the Department

The Department has organized many UGC Refresher courses, International & National Conferences, National seminars, symposia, workshops, lectures by prominent faculties of other universities, coaching for NET/SET every year. Six refresher courses in Economics have been organised by the Department in collaboration with Academic Staff College to impart training to the teacher participants from various colleges in advanced research and teaching. Post-doctoral fellowships in Environmental Economics and Industrial Economics have also been conferred upon the faculty members.

Economic Building 1

Two faculty members have also been selected to represent the country abroad under International Youth Exchange Programme. The extension activities undertaken by the faculty members have added an additional dimension to the achievements of the Department reflecting our commitment to the social needs. The faculty members have the unique privilege of presidentship at the Regional and State level conferences in Economics. Their contribution as resource persons in refresher courses, probationary officers and other training programmes has been highly admired by the organizers. The Journal "Arthasamvad' which is official journal of the Marathi Arthshastra Parishad is being edited by one of the faculty member of the Department. The Department aspires to attain a mark of distinction through its contribution to teaching and research. Our past students who occupy positions of honour bear testimony to this. We hope to provide dynamic leadership in order to bring the academic standards of the Department in tune with the international standards.

The greatest asset of the Department is the dedicated," sincere, hardworking faculty members. They have so far successfully guided more than 80 Ph. D.'s and more than 150 M. Phil. students and published a large number of books, research papers, reports etc.

The staff members have participated in state, national and international conferences and seminars and have also elected as executive members in various academic bodies. The staff members have number of research papers at their credit which are published in various regional, national and international journals from time to time. Various extension lectures on current issues by eminent economists have been organized by the Department. The staff members have authored several research papers and many text books. The Department has always been academically strong and active. Department is equally strong in administration as the staff of the department was offered various administrative posts in University.

Economic Building 2

A combination of Academic and Administrative excellence is a major strength of the Department. The faculty members have held various academic/administrative positions of the University, like Controller of Examination, Director/Assistant Director (Academic Staff College), Co-ordinator (IGNOU), members of Academic Council, Board of Studies, Warden of P. G. Boys Hostel, etc. One of the faculty member of the Department has been conferred the Best Teacher' award by the Government of Maharashtra. Two faculty members of the Department have been nominated as expert members on Vidarbha Statutory Development Board by his Excellency Governor of Maharashtra and Chancellor of the University. The Department has organized various State/Regional level conferences and the faculty members of the Department have actively participated in conferences at Regional to International level. The Department is contributing immensely in the field of academics not only at the local level but at the international level also. The Department has been honored by the International agencies like World Bank and SANDEE, State agencies like Irrigation Commission, State Public Service Commission, Government of Maharashtra, Western Coal Fields Limited, etc who sponsored the Departmental research projects.

Economic Building 3

Post Graduate Association of students organizes various programmes to promote participation of students in wide ranging socio-cultural academic activities. The students of the Department have attained a place of pride in the merit list of University as well as a mark of distinction by participation in sports.


Courses Available

M.A., M. Phil, Ph. D. and D. Lit

Syllabus for M.A.(Economics)

Compulsory papers
EC- 01 Micro Economic Analysis I 
EC-02 Macro Economic Analysis I
Optional Paper I: any one from group A 
OP - 01 : Statistics for Economics – I
OP - 02 : Agricultural Economics
OP - 03 : Regional Economics
OP - 04 : Economics of Education and Health
Optional Paper II: Any one from group B
OP - 05 : Econometrics - I
OP - 06 : Public Economics
OP - 07 : Economics of Infrastructure
OP - 08 : History of Economic Thought
Compulsory papers
EC-03 Micro Economic Analysis II
EC-04Macro Economic Analysis II
Optional Paper III :Any one from group C
OP - 09 : Statistics for Economics – II
OP - 10 : Poverty and Income Distribution
OP - 11 : Industrial Economics
OP - 12 : Welfare Economics
Optional Paper IV: Any one from group D
OP - 13 : Econometrics - II
OP - 14 : Modern Indian Economics Thinkers
OP - 15 : Environmental Economics
OP - 16 : Rural Economy and Social Change
Compulsory papers
EC- 05 : Economics of Growth & Development – I 
EC- 06 : International Trade & Finance – I
EC- 07 : Research Methodology – I 
Optional Paper V :Any one from group E 
Group E :
OP – 17 : Financial Institutions& Markets - I
OP – 18 : Labour Economics 
OP – 19 : Structure of Indian Economy
OP – 20 : Human Development
OP – 21 : Entrepreneur Development
OP – 22 : Indian Economic Policy – I 
OP – 23 : Mathematical Economics - I
Compulsory papers
EC- 08 : Economics of Growth & Development – II 
EC- 09 : International Trade & Finance – I)
EC- 10 : Research Methodology – II
Optional Paper VI :Any one from group F  Group F :
OP – 24 : Financial Institutions & Markets –II 
OP – 25 : Economics of Marketing 
OP – 26 :Rural Development 
OP – 27 :Mathematical Economics - II
OP – 28 :Computer Application in Economic Analysis
OP – 29 :Indian Economic Policy – II
OP – 30 : Economics of Insurance 

Pattern of papers/syllabus for M.Phil.:- Total 3 papers and students would be required to submit dissertation on the topic related to his/her specialization in Economics.


i) Post Graduate: M.A.I – 80, M.A.II – 80, M.Phil – 21, Ph. D. 08 per faculty
ii) Eligibility Criteria:

  • M.A. – I : Any Graduate
  • M. Phil : M.A. (Economics)
  • Ph.D. : Entrance test by the University (M.Phil, NET/SET students are exempted from the       entrance test.)


Dr. Sneha Deshpande

Name: Dr. Sneha V. Deshpande
Designation: -Professor  & Head of the Department
Qualification :- M.A.( Eco.);  B.Ed ;  M.Phil.(Eco.),
Ph. D. (Eco.), MSCIT, NET JRF

Area of specialization : Gender Economics & Agricultural Economics
Email – [email protected],
Phone : 09822576404
Teaching Experience:- 30 Years (UG and PG)
Research Experience: - 25 years

Project Completed: - One Minor
Publication :-
a) International 02
b) National 06
c) State 04

Membership of Professional Bodies :-

  • Life Member of Indian Economic Association
  • Life Member of Marathi Arthashastra Parishad,
  • Life Member of Vidarbha Arthashastra Parishad,
  • Life Member of International Environmental Economic Society
  • Life Member of Matru Seva Sangh

Dr. S. H. Indurwade

Name: Dr. S. H. Indurwade
Designation: -  Associate Professor
Qualification :- M.A., Ph. D

Area of specialization : Economics of Infrastructure,
Agriculture Economics

Email – [email protected],
Phone : 9765029301
Teaching Experience:- 10 years
Research Experience:- 13 years

Ongoing research projects :

  • “Impact of SCSP on SCs residing in government and government aided hostel in Maharashtra.
  • “Implementation of student’s education loan and its impact on students Higher Education and Employability in Vidharbha Region of Maharashtra.”

Publication :-
a) International 04
b) National 03
c) State  02
Membership of Professional Bodies :-

  • Life Member of Indian Economic Association
  • Life Member of Vidarbha Arthashastra Parishad,

Dr. Samit L. Mahore

Name: Dr. Samit L. Mahore
Designation:- Assistant Professor
Qualification:-M.A.  (Economics), M.Phil, Ph. D. NET

Area of specialization :Econometrics,Statistics,
Mathematical Economics,Agricultural Economics
Email –[email protected],
Phone : 9921140553
Teaching Experience:-9 Years (UG and PG)

Research Experience: - 7 years
Project Completed: -     One Minor

Publication :-
a) International 01
b) National 06
c) State 02

Membership of Professional Bodies: - Life Member of Indian Economic Association

Dr. Aparna Samudra

Name: Dr. Aparna Samudra
Designation:- Assistant Professor
Qualification:- PhD, M.A.(Eco), MBA,SET

Area of specialization : Financial Markets, International Trade
Email –[email protected]
Phone :9823460210
Teaching Experience:- 8years
Research Experience:- 2years

Publication :-
a) International 02
b) National 06

Dheeraj Subhashrao Kadam

Name: Dheeraj Subhashrao Kadam
Designation:- Assistant Professor
Qualification:- M.A.(Eco), M.Phil., B.Ed.,NET,SET

Area of specialization :Economics of Development
Email –[email protected]
Phone : 09922281541
Teaching Experience:- 7 years
Research Experience:-

Publication :-
a) International 01
b) National 03
c) State  04
Membership of Professional Bodies :-

  • Life Member Indian Economic Association
  • Life Member Marathi Arthshastra Parishad
  • Life Member Marathwada Arthshastra Parishad
  • Life Member Vidarbha Shikshak Arthshastra Parishad

Awards:-“Amartya Sen Best Paper Award” for Research Paper entitled, “Sima Kimmat Nirdharan Siddhantat Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati Yanche Yogdan” at 35th National Conference of Marathi Arthashastra Parishad, Nanded.

Hitesh Manik Dadmal

Name:Hitesh Manik Dadmal
Designation:-  Assistant Professor
Qualification:- M.A. (Eco.); B.Ed; M.Phil.(Eco.), NET, MSCIT

Area of specialization : Economic Growth & Development, Rural Development, Labour Economics        
Email –[email protected]
Phone : 9921859192
Teaching Experience:- 06 Months (PG)
Research Experience:-

Publication :-
a) International 01

Membership of Professional Bodies :-

  • Life Member of Vidarbha Arthashastra Parishad


Research Activities of the Department:

The fields of research are mainly Agriculture, International Trade, Industry, Economics of Education, Rural Development, Poverty, Environment, Tribal Development and Socio-economic Development. 

Ongoing Major research projects:

UGC sponsored research project on “Food security-its role in providing livelihood & poverty alleviation”

Completed Projects:

  • Industrial development in post liberalisation period – An analysis of nexus between trade liberalisation, flow of foreign investment, environmental quality and welfare gains sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi
  • Economics of protected area : A case study of Pench National Park approved thorough IGIDR, Mumbai sponsored by World Bank.
  • Growth in social sector expenditure sponsored by UGC.
  • Input-output analysis for Gadchiroli district of Vidarbha region sponsored by Maharashtra Irrigation Commission, Government of India.
  • Evaluation of rapid reading programme in Vidarbha region sponsored by PRATHAM, Mumbai.
  • Rate of return on primary education in Nagpur district sponsored by UGC.
  • Background paper on ‘Agrarian Scenario in suicide affected district’ for the Government of Maharashtra sponsored project on Farmers’ suicides.
  • Effectiveness of Consumer protection with special reference to service sector sponsored by Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi.

Research Infrastructure :

i) UGC approved centre for Regional Planning and Rural Development.
ii) Computer Laboratory, LCD projector, OHPs, Department library with research journals.
iii) Approved Ph.D. supervisors.

Collaborations with other Institutions :

The Department is contributing immensely in the field of academics not only at the local level but at the international level also. The Department has' been honoured by the International agencies like World Bank and SANDEE, State agencies like Irrigation Commission, State Public Service Commission, Government of Maharashtra, Western Coal Fields Limited, etc who sponsored the Department al research projects.

Plan of the Department for 2014-15 :

The Department plans to organize workshops, national seminar, certificate courses, bridge courses, invite eminent economists for guest lectures & public lectures on various areas of economics.

  • Bridge Course for non economics background will be organized for the students in the beginning of the session 2014-2015. Through this the Department intends to keep the students, teachers and researchers abreast with latest developments in the field of economics.
  • One Week Workshop on Statistics for Faculties of Social Science will be organized .This workshop aims at imparting basic knowledge of tools of statistics and its implication in the research activities..
  • Mentor Mentee programme is designed by the department for providing counseling to the students in academics and related areas . This programme is a step in this direction in which a group of students are continuously getting guidance from their mentors (teachers) in the department.
  • Research Cell : The Department also plans to apply for research projects in various authorized bodies like UGC, ICSSR etc. to harmonize the research goal of the University.
  • Competency building : Department plans to organize National Seminars related to  current issues to disseminate the knowledge among the faculties and to enhance the competency skills. 


Post Graduate Teaching Department of Economics,
Humanities Building, First Floor,
University Campus,
Amravati Road, Nagpur –
440 033 (Maharashtra).
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone No.: 09822576404